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If you’re seeking a natural way to relieve hip, knee, ankle, or other joint pain, innovative regenerative medicine injections may be a good match for you. At Advanced Integrated Medical Centers in Southlake, Texas, Dr. Gary M. Randall and his team use revolutionary regenerative medicine to ease pain and enhance healing. Call to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is Regenerative Medicine treatment?

Regenerative medicine therapy is a revolutionary treatment for joint pain, especially if you haven’t responded well to more traditional treatments. They are young, undifferentiated cells capable of developing into different cells within the body to repair damaged cells.

For example, regenerative medicine has the potential to develop into brain cells, muscle cells, red blood cells, or other cells with specialized functions. With this type of therapy, regenerative medicine works to:

  • Encourage natural healing
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce joint inflammation
  • Repair damaged joints
  • Regenerates immune cells

The cells are derived from bone marrow or fat tissue and combined with platelets from blood.

What is regenerative medicine treatment used for?

The experienced staff at Advanced Integrated Medical Centers injects stem cells to ease:

Knee pain

Your provider injects stem cells into your knee to enhance healing and repair wear-and-tear that occurs over time. Cells from bone marrow are often used to produce cartilage, ease arthritis pain, and restore your joint.

Hip pain

If you suffer from chronic hip pain, stem cell injections can help. Your provider uses ultrasound to guide the cells into your hip joint to enhance healing and ease pain.

Ankle pain

Regenerative medicine therapy heals ankle injuries as well. It helps treat tendonitis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, and overuse injuries without surgery or medication.

What should I expect during regenerative medicine treatment?

Dr. Randall and his team let you know what to expect during the cell injections. Your provider may harvest cells the same day as your injections, or you might receive a series of injections over the course of about a week.

A physician or technician draws your blood, which is processed in a lab with your cell sample. Your provider numbs an area near your hip and takes a cell sample from the back of your hip through bone marrow. Many patients describe the procedure as being comfortable.

The cells are combined with platelets from your blood and reinjected into a damaged joint to rejuvenate cells and enhance healing.

If you suffer from joint pain and haven’t responded well to more conservative therapy, ask Dr. Randall and his team if you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine therapy. Call to schedule an appointment or book online today.