New and Improved

Hello Complete Health Family,

We have some exciting changes that we would like to share with you as we start this new year. Recently we have gone through an office renovation, as many of you have already seen, as well as some staffing changes. With these changes we are also acquiring a new brand, we are changing from Complete Health Chiropractic to Advanced Integrated Medical Centers or AIM Centers where we AIM to improve medical problems that you may have. We would also like to welcome Dr. Cagan Randall who will be partnering with Dr. Robert Meyer in this new venture as Advanced Integrated Medical Centers.

Dr. Cagan Randall, D.C. began his educational background at Arizona State University where he completed his Undergraduate studies. Following ASU he went on to complete his Graduate studies in Chiropractic at Parker University and then continued his discipline at The Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies. His journey started when one of his nieces began struggling with a developmental delay and he watched his family fight to find a way to help their little girl. After seeing firsthand the lack of resources and solutions available Dr. Randall became interested in providing a resource for families who were struggling to find help for their children. Dr. Randall has a passion for working with children and his educational background has been geared towards addressing the epidemic rise in ADHD, dyslexia, and a variety of neurological disorders.

Dr. Randall continues to educate himself on the latest developments in functional neurology, nutrition, and receptor-based therapy. He strongly believes that we cannot lose sight in having hope for the future of all children, but especially those affected with any aspects that may halt their physical, mental, social, or academic potential. Dr. Randall was the owner of Brain Balance in Southlake, Tx, and played a leading role in the program development of each child who joined the Southlake Brain Balance team.

We look forward to continuing to serve you.

  signing out!

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