4 Reasons Spinal Decompression May be the Answer to Your Chronic Back Pain

4 Reasons Spinal Decompression May be the Answer to Your Chronic Back Pain

A whopping 80% of adults in the United States experience back pain at some point in their lives and 20% of them go on to struggle with chronic low back pain. The effects of this are hard to underestimate, which is reflected in the 264 million work days lost to back problems each year. But there is hope, and it doesn’t come at the end of a surgical blade or in a bottle.

At Advanced Integrated Medical Centers, our medical team treats debilitating problems like back pain with an integrated and holistic approach that works with your body for long-term results. When it comes to the back, we’ve had great success through spinal decompression, restoring pain-free movement to our patients in Southlake, Texas.

Here are four reasons why spinal decompression may be the just the solution you’re looking for to tackle your chronic back pain and get you back to a normal and active life.

1. Opening up

At the heart of your back is your spine, which is made up of 33 vertebrae that climb from your pelvis to your head. Each of these vertebrae is separated by discs, which provide crucial cushioning between the bones and allow for movement.

Over time, these discs can succumb to wear-and-tear and begin to rupture, herniate, or bulge, irritating the nerves that branch out from your spinal cord.

Thanks to gravity, these breakdowns, or collapses, don’t have the space to heal themselves properly. Through spinal decompression, as the name implies, we take the pressure off by manually stretching and releasing your spine, giving your discs a little room to breathe (and heal). This technique is especially useful for pinched nerves, sciatica pain, and degenerative disc disease.

2. Restoring flow

Whenever there’s a misalignment along your spine, it creates a roadblock that prevents a critical flow of resources up and down your spine. Through spinal decompression, our goal is to eliminate the hurdle, restoring this natural flow so that your body can do what it does best — heal itself.

From better circulation to improved nerve health, when your body’s channels are wide open, you benefit in amazing ways.

3. No drugs or scalpels needed

With the opioid epidemic grabbing headlines, any steps you can take toward circumventing these types of addictive medications are good ones. And that’s exactly what we provide.

We work with your body, gently manipulating your spine for better balance and flow, so that you can heal naturally without relying on drugs that simply mask the problem at best and can be a dark road to addiction at worst.

Our goal is to avoid surgical solutions wherever possible. The risks that come with this type of invasive intervention are large, from infection to collateral soft-tissue damage. Rather than putting your body through this type of trauma, we feel that you should trust your body to do its work. It just needs a little help from spinal decompression.

4. Going the distance

Through spinal decompression, we restore alignment to your spine, allowing it to function as it should. This means that all of the supporting players around your spine, including your muscles, spread the workload out so that no single area is overly taxed.

We provide results that go the distance by ensuring that each component in your back has the resources it needs to carry you well into the future.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, please give us a call to get started on your spinal decompression today. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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